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Week 13 Story: “Finally”

The young man was sweating profusely in the searing heat, thanks in no small part to the heavy woolen suit he was wearing. Despite this, the skin of the man beside him in the bright, well-tailored red suit was completely dry, and he showed no signs of discomfort.

Ringing the doorbell of the modest single-story house, he felt little remorse — only a mild irritation and the continued sense of unease that had accompanied his every move since the man in the red suit had joined their little criminal outfit.

A small, fierce-eyed old woman answered the door, whose body’s slow speed was clearly an impediment to the pace and energy of her character.


“Good afternoon, ma’am.” He handed her a card.

Barnes, Cullum, and Smith, Attorneys at Law.

She looked unamused.


“Ma’am, my colleague and I are here today to serve a court summons related to your property here. Due to improper filings, ownership is being disputed; you are needed in court to advocate your case.”

“That’s impossible! Why… I don’t see how… And in my condition!”

“We would, of course, be happy to appear in court to represent you.”

“I see.”

“We would require only a small fee and a number of the necessary documents.”

Ah. I see.”

Her eyes gleamed with an unconstrained and righteous malice.

“You impudent, predatory shit! Devil take you, devil take your ‘colleague,’ and devil take your little card of lies!”

For the first time, the man in the red suit spoke:

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for someone to say that.”

And with a snap of his fingers he, the scammer, and the business card disappeared, never to be seen again.

Plyesxale Red Suit Men 2018 Slim Fit Three Piece Wedding ...
The sort of terrible red suit I’m imagining. (Really, it’s painful to look at.)
(Image source: Plyesxale Clothes.)

Author’s Note: This story fairly closely follows the source; my only real change was making the old woman realize that she was being duped and pulling it into a modern setting. (Since our legal system and that of old England share a great deal of structure and terminology, it wasn’t very far to go anyway.)

Source: “The Friar’s Tale: The Story of the Summoner” in The Chaucer Story Book by Eva March Tappan, via the course UnTextbook.


  1. Hey Alby! I really enjoyed your story from this week, it was very creative and fun to read! I like that you took such an old myth and added so many modern elements. You were so descriptive about every detail, and that was really nice. I love that the little old lady was so fiery! I was surprised (and kind of delighted) to see that she cursed at the scammers. I’m a little confused as to what the man in the red suit was there for, or where they went when he snapped his fingers? And I wonder why the man in the red suit was waiting for someone to tell the scammer off? Is the man in the red suit the devil, and did he take the scammer to hell?

  2. Hi Alby! Wow, what a truly horrible red suit. Terrible and painful indeed.

    I really like your retelling, it definitely fits in well to a modern setting! I also loved the ~colorful~ language addition, the old lady is a very compelling character. You built everything out really well.

    I like the twist that he not only gets caught, but he’s happy he got caught because it’s a change in pace for him. Also, I like how you never explicitly say that he’s the devil or a demon, the implications definitely do the work for you.

  3. Hey Alby!
    I really enjoyed your story this week! I liked that you brought the story into modern times, because I think we can all relate to it more easily. I love how descriptive the story was. I felt like I was able to visualize everything in my head. That red suit is indeed horrible ha. I think having the old woman realize she was being duped was a nice deviation. To often people don’t realize they are being duped and go ahead and end up being scammed. Overall, I really enjoyed your story.

  4. Akansha Chandrasekar

    November 20, 2019 at 7:03 am

    Hey Alby! I’m glad I stumbled upon this when I was looking for something else to comment on (because I had already commented on your introduction). This was a satisfying read for sure. It’s always the poor old women who are duped so I loved seeing this one be headstrong and smart. I wonder why the scammer never thought to question the origin of the man in the red suit. Good luck with the last few weeks of the semester!

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