Story sources and the three possible stories can be found in my Storybook Research post.

Structurally, I want to use a frame story of “astronomers in the office” — each story from myth and folklore will be told by someone on the scientific or technical staff after being reminded of it by some technical question or conversation. I think the resulting juxtaposition will be interesting, and I think that filtering some of these ancient myths through the diction and style of modern scientific culture could yield some interesting results.

I’m also planning to outline an underlying theme of scientific uncertainty, especially at its frontiers. To some extent this is unfair: astronomy has a much better track record than some other fields that I’m (metaphorically) taking aim at and much smaller consequences for their mistakes. Astronomy is also not my field, nor one with which I am very familiar, so apologies to it — the wealth of ancient stories about the night sky just made it perfect for this concept. (It is also true that the types of fallacies and mistakes have meaningful overlap between scientific fields, so the whole does still work as a metaphor.)

Stylistically, I also want to make much of the contrast between the technical language and the mythological language and tropes of the stories; that part, I think, will practically write itself.