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Week 8 Review: Progress

So far, I’m happy with my progress in the course. Though I’m a week “behind” on the Project, I’m still on track to both finish my project and get the grade I’d like at the end of the semester. As a result, I don’t think there’s really anything I need or want to change about my overall approach to the class in the remaining weeks.

(Though, of course, I’ll express a desire to work ahead, even though I know it’s unlikely my schedule will allow me to do so.)

Things are speeding up for the rest of the semester… (Image from Wikipedia.)

Week 8 Review: Comments and Feedback

I’ve been getting great feedback so far in this class, and I’ve even started to recognize a set of regulars on my blog who keep coming back for more, and whose feedback only gets better and better. (Now why they keep coming back is beyond me.) In particular, they’ve helped me to reign in my tendency to assume that the reader has kept track of some minor piece of information or structure that I may never even have remembered to explicitly introduce.

I also think I’ve been giving fairly helpful feedback. While there are often many little technicalities I could mention in feedback, I try to concentrate on potential structural reorganizations or refinements, which I think are often the hardest thing for the writer of a text to see, since they can become so deeply involved in its details.

I do feel that I’m starting to come to know people through the exchanges of comments, though that’s probably biased by the fact that I already knew a couple of people in the class before.

As to my favorite feedback cat, so far I’d say it’s this one:

(From here.)

This is fresh in my mind after getting some great feedback on my Storybook introduction; while everyone had something different to say, they were all confused by the same aspect of my introduction (though they expressed it in different ways, and one wasn’t even aware that they were confused! — only the pattern let me see that they were). By seeing this persistent pattern in my responses, I knew what the most important thing for me to address in my revisions was.

Week 8 Review: Reading and Writing

Overall, I am quite happy with my reading and writing in the class so far.

I think — and my classmates seem to agree — that my storybook website is in pretty good shape, and while my blog layout is nothing special, I think it works well. (Honestly, I dislike blogs that have too much going on in terms of color and font: I think it makes the actual task of reading much, much more difficult than it needs to be.)

I’m fairly happy with my storytelling posts so far. I’ve taken a much lighter, more humorous approach than I took for my weekly stories in Indian Epics, which I’ve enjoyed, though I’m considering trying to write a few stories with more serious tone. Still, that depends on what inspiration comes to me week-by-week, and so far I’ve just found more humor than deep pathos. Maybe I’m accidentally choosing readings that skew that way…

My storybook is going well, but the topic and themes I’ve chosen are quite subtle and difficult, and I’m very much wrestling with the balance between making a meaningful philosophical argument and telling an accessible, good story. While my introduction, as it’s meant to, leans much more into the themes, I think I’ll need to be careful going forward to make sure that there’s enough easy-to-follow story in there too.

Favorite Image (from my Week 6 Storybook Research):
“VLBI (very-long-baseline interferometry) radio telescopes at the Atacama Large Millimeter Array. (Image from Wikipedia.)”

I just love this image; the shape of the telescopes, the incredible beauty of the starry sky, the juxtaposition of Nature and science.